PACE Update

Over the last few weeks, Victoria has been working hard on a video that we decided to make after not being able to complete our primary assemblies because of the current lockdown. Using the images we had found for the assembly and few added in she produced this amazing video – can you recognise the voiceover? We hope you love it like we do!

We will be sending this to our primary schools in the hope that they can use it either in schools or as part of their distance learning!

As part of our working from home, the team are using the time to read, spend time in prayer, listen to podcasts and attend online conferences. Before half term the team joined the Hand in Hand Conference 2021. This was the conference Sarah attended last year in Eastbourne. The content was brilliant with speakers looking at children’s and family ministry in a post-pandemic world; the presence of the Kingdom in the community and schools, How can we help the children and families we work with, and ourselves, cope with the impact of lockdowns and much more. One sessions looked at Prayer Spaces in lockdown and shared some new resources that we will be looking into.

We found the conference really helpful and it gave us a lot of ideas for new things to try or explore. It also gave us a bit of a boost, seeing all these organisations encouraging and helping each other during this strange time! You can find all the sessions from the conference here:

As always, thank you for your continued support, prayers and encouragement. We ask that you keep the schools of Guernsey; the teachers and students in your prayers too. Here is a reminder of our schools.