PACE Update

With the great news of schools going back on Monday 8th March, we’re looking forward to also being able to continue our work, however we realise this may not be for a while yet. Please continue to pray for the children, teachers and staff as they prepare to go back on Monday. 

As we mentioned in our last post, Victoria did an amazing job of putting together a “virtual assembly”. We have now added a conclusion to the end along with some reflection questions and have sent it out to all the primary schools. So far we’ve had some great positive responses! Here is the full version! (please note this link may not work through the email preview so please visit the blog post).

Finally we’ve also taken part in some training sessions over Zoom. This was with Prayer Spaces in Schools, looking at how we can adapt events but still be able to run them with restrictions. We also shared our DIY Pack with them! The other training session we took part in was for an exciting resource called “Easter in a Box: The Movie” which looks very exciting and we will be looking into this more for perhaps Easter next year!