Happy Easter!

This term has been different once again but it was great to spend the last two weeks visiting schools again. We managed to finish some OT Mini courses at Beechwood and La Houguette. Forest has two more weeks left which will be completed after the Easter break. We also got to deliver two assemblies at Amherst for their infants and juniors. Phil and Sarah looked at ‘Impossible Easter’ – using a quiz, some illustrations and videos to present how some things can sound impossible but actually be true! Including the resurrection of Jesus! We’re very grateful for the work we have achieved this term despite lockdown and look forward to the busy summer term!

As it’s the end of term, please have a read of our Spring Newsletter.

Finally we have our new video for our senior creation lessons! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Thank you for all your support this term, we hope you have a very Happy Easter!