PACE Update

Another busy few weeks for us at PACE! This week we started our new primary puppet assembly looking back at the Easter Story. We didn’t get to do it before Easter so we thought why not do it after! The children get to find some eggs that help remind us of the story of Easter along with Fanta! Victoria painted some amazing colourful eggs for us to use! 
OT Mini Courses are still going well with Frances and Emma starting a new course at Vauvert this week. All the groups seem to be engaging and enjoying the courses which is great! Our presenters are doing a fantastic job at making these sessions fun and memorable.

Last week Victoria and Lisa led an assembly for the lower school at Ladies College. The assembly started with a challenge to see which of the two volunteers could eat as many Maltesers as they could using wooden spoons attached to long sticks. The point of the activity was to get the girls to work together and feed each other as it’s very difficult to feed yourself with a long stick. The theme of the assembly was the importance of working in a team and we explored Paul’s teaching on ‘one body with many members’ from 1 Corinthians 12. We concluded that during the pandemic we have had to be one team all playing our individual parts to combat the spread of the virus and whilst it hasn’t always been easy we have continued to play our part.  This week concluded our time at Le Murier school working with a group of Year 9’s on the creation of an assembly on the Good Samaritan. After all the planing and rehearsals the students performed their assembly to the lower school who thoroughly enjoyed it. As ever we have loved working with the students and seeing them put together an excellent assembly and want to say a big well done to them all.