Last Day of School!

Today ends the summer term and the school year, which means the summer begins and it’s great that we have such wonderful weather for it. 

Yesterday we ended our term with a Quiet Morning, hosted by Rev’d Peter Graysmith. We spent the morning reflecting together on our place in schools and how what we do isn’t planting the seeds (Matthew 13) as the Holy Spirit does that, but we are preparing the soil, looking after the soil, laying the foundations so that God can work in the lives of the children and they can remember those times when a group of Christians taught them that story or listened to them when they were struggling and spent time getting to know them. We had wonderful views and even spent time planting our own geraniums! It was a great end to the term.

Please also see below our newsletter for this term! Thank you for all of your support and prayers during this past year. We pray that you all have a lovely summer with your friends and family!