PACE Update

We’ve made it to half term! After a busy few weeks and the team coming down with the usual coughs and colds we are pleased to be able to take a break, visit family and rest up before the even busier second half of term and Christmas!

In the last two weeks we have visited Year 1s at Castel, Hautes Capelles, St Mary and St Michaels and Notre Dame for our Creation lesson. We love spending time with the Year 1s and hearing how we should take care of the wonderful world that God created for us! We also get to see some lovely crestions that they make out of Play-doh. We’ve seen waves, mountains, volcanos, butterflies, chocolate pizzas and cakes piled high with toppings!

Phil and Victoria also led the second lesson looking at Parables for Year 3 at Hautes Capelles where they looked at The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep and The Lost Son stories. 

This week also marked the end of the two OT Mini courses at La Rondin and St Mary and St Michaels, both having been fantastic and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. One child from La Rondin told Phil; “Monday afternoons are my favourite part of school now!” It’s a shame we couldn’t spend longer with these groups but we look forward to moving on to other schools after half term and starting the courses again! 

Finally we finished the half term with our Quiet Morning. This time with Sian Street at Forest Methodist. Our focus was on Mark 10:46-52, the story of Bartimaeus and the question Jesus asked “What can I do for you?” As always these are so valuable for the team, a chance for us to stop and receive teaching for ourselves. Thank you Sian!