PACE Update

This week sees the final lessons of some of our OT Mini courses at Forest and La Houguette. Feedback has been great from both teachers and children, commenting on the amount learnt in a few weeks and the fun, engaging way the lessons were taught. We’re always sad to leave a class we’ve got to know and spent time with but very pleased to have completed another course! With each course we improve our delivery, knowledge and resources.

Lisa and Phil along with Tom Saddington led some deep lessons on War this week at Blanchlande Year 11s. Both groups engaged well and had some interesting discussions. The lessons looks into the Christian views on War and their responses. Included in the lesson is a look into the film Hacksaw Ridge and the true story of Desmond Doss as a conscientious objector. Very interesting!

In our secondary lunch clubs this term we are looking at Big Questions including:
        – Has Science disproved God?
        – Can we trust the Bible?
        – If there is a God why do people suffer?
        – There are so many religions which one do I choose?
We have used some interactive quizzes or fun light hearted activities to introduce these themes which then spark great conversations with the students. Below are some mind maps that have been produced in the discussions.