PACE Update

Over the last 2 weeks we have delivered a number of lessons on the ‘Christian views on Creation’ at La Mare High School and Blanchelande College. We explore Genesis 1 by watching the Creation video that Victoria made, this can be watched here. The students then have an opportunity to ask questions and we discuss ‘Is there anything that could be left out of the story?’ ‘Do you think the story is in the right order?’ and ‘What do you think about God being a creator?’ These lead to some very interesting discussions with debates often breaking out about do we really need the birds and the fish!!! We conclude the lesson by looking at stewardship and the value that God places on humanity as the pinnacle of his creation with a special role to play in the world. 
Last week concluded our time at Le Murier school working with Year 9 on their module for their ASDAN qualification. The students have worked really hard to put together an assembly on Jonah, which included acting out the story and then sharing how we all make mistakes sometimes but we can all have a second chance. One students who uses a speech tablet called Phil over before the performance of the assembly began to share a message with him that read ‘I am so excited!’ It was really great to see the students engage so well with the story and give an amazing presentation to the other students. 
We have also just started our current primary assembly. Before the restrictions started we took this to Vauvert, Melrose, Forest and Blanchelande. The assembly focuses on Peter’s denial and using some acting for the storytelling, we look at how Peter made a mistake but he learnt from it and Jesus forgave him. He went on to do great things, despite messing up! We encourage the children to be brave and learn from their mistakes.
Unfortunately a lot of our planned work including assemblies and lunch clubs have been put on hold for the time being. We encourage you to pray for the situation in the island and for the schools. We’re sad that we might not be able to visit as many schools over the next few weeks but hope that with changes we can still continue delivering some lessons.