PACE Update

We hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend! Say hello to Birdy!  Birdy is helping us over the next few weeks with our summer primary assembly to encourage our children that we are all important, valued and loved and that God cares about us. Birdy gets excited about The Queens Jubilee but sad that he’s not as important as the Queen. We teach Birdy that “…not a single sparrow can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it…” We explain that God also asks us to encourage others to know they are valued and loved too. So far Birdy has received a warm welcome from the children!

Before half term we held a Prayer Spaces at Vale Primary where we haven’t hosted one for a long time. It was great to transform a room and see the children’s faces when they walked in and saw the change. We really valued our time at Vale and had some great feedback from the children and teachers. We look forward to going back again soon! The stations we used here included the Sorry Bin, Worry Lillies, Fizzy Forgivness, Quiet Tent and Acts of Kindness. Below are some photos.

Finally we have an exciting event coming up – NT Live with visiting speaker Tom Greene from Walk Through The Bible. This is a snapshot into what we are teaching in your local schools and will also be a valuable day of Bible teaching.
The event is on Saturday 18th June, 9.30am – 4pm at Les Camps Methodist Church. Tea, coffee and biscuits (maybe cake too!) will be provided, but please bring a packed lunch with you. 

We would really like to encourage you to either visit and purchase tickets for the event which is at the top of the list or email to reserve a spot and opt to pay £14 on the day. Either way we would love to see others benefit from this great opportunity and Bible teaching.