End of Term

We’re at the end of term! We hope everyone has a great summer holiday! Our term has been winding down but last week was still particularly busy!

We held our last Prayer Spaces event at La Houguette with the theme of Looking Back and Looking Forward. The school asked for stations that would help the children reflect on what they had enjoyed about their past school year and what they were looking forward to next year as they move up. So we went for some new stations including Resilience Building, where we could think about what helps us to have another go, who do we speak to when we feel a bit low or sad. We then added a brick to make a collective resilience wall! Another new station was Transforming Butterflies. We spoke with the children about change and how they will be moving up to a new year. On one wing they could write something they enjoyed about their current year and on the other they could put what they’re excited about for the upcoming year. They also loved decorating these!

We particularly enjoyed reading what helps the children build resilience with one child writing “Look at pictures of pandas.” Well of course! What a wonderful insight! Others wrote, “Going for a bike ride”, “Speaking to my mum and dad” and “I like speaking to God.”

We also held our AGM Presentation Evening on Tuesday 5th July. It was an emotional evening as we said goodbye to Phil and Victoria, both moving on from PACE at the end of this term. It was wonderful to see so many supporters join us for the evening as we reflected on what we have achieved over the last year and also announcing plans going forward. We are so grateful for all that Phil and Victoria have bought to the team over the last few years and will miss them both!

So we have reached the end of term, with still a few things to tie up and a newsletter to follow, we hope you have a great weekend!