New Term!

We’re back! It’s a new term, a new school year and a new team, well sort of! As you know Phil and Victoria left us in the summer, moving on to other adventures. So Lisa and Sarah are the current PACE team, alongside all our wonderful volunteers who help us run so many of our activities. We’re still hiring so please keep this in your prayers. We also celebrated Lisa being with PACE for 10 years! Congratulations Lisa!

Over the last few years we’ve started running volunteer training days in September and before Covid we invited Prayer Spaces in Schools over, which unfortunately had to be postponed. However this past weekend we finally held our Prayer Spaces training day. We were blessed to have Tim, a founder member of the Prayer Spaces in Schools national team, now the GB Team Leader and Liz who is on the GB oversight team, works for Bristol Schools Connection and was one of the masterminds behind Christmas and Easter in a Box!

Tim and Liz stayed with us for two days and we were able to spend time with them hearing stories, being inspired and encouraged and getting to know them. On Saturday we had 20 volunteers and supporters attend some fantastic training, where we got to learn about the vision, theology and values of Prayer Spaces and the impact they have of school life and the children/students. We spent time setting up some stations and learning about how we can improve and create effective prayer stations. We can’t wait to put what we’ve learnt into action and provide some meaningful, peaceful, reflective moments in our schools.

This week we’re starting our run of primary assemblies, with the theme of Harvest. We will be running these at Vale, St Mary and St Michael’s and Vauvert with Amherst, Forest, Acorn House, Melrose, Vauvert and Notre Dame next week.