Half term has arrived which means the first half term of the first term has come to an end. It has been a very busy half term, with many lessons, assemblies and clubs going on. We have really enjoyed re-connecting with students after the summer break in our lunch clubs and getting to know new students who have joined. This term we have looked at:

– How is the new school year going? – We made paper airplanes and had a competition to see who’s went the furthest. We were thinking about how we are all on a journey and come to our destinations in different ways. 

– Harvest. We thought about what we can do to help others who are in need. Sometimes big issues can seem overwhelming and we don’t think we can do anything. But we challenged the students to think of one small thing they could do that if lots of people did that would make a big difference.

– Lying. We had a discussion around the question ‘Is it ever OK to lie?’ There was a lot of debate around in certain scenarios then it might be OK to tell a lie but usually if it meant you were protecting someone. We concluded that it was better to be honest as that shows more about who we are as a person and a friend. 

– Being brave. This week we have been talking about situations we might need to be courageous in and looking at the story of David and Goliath and where David got his strength from to take on Goliath. 

We really enjoy our lunch clubs and sharing with the students on different topics and hearing what they have to say. Thank you to all our volunteers who make running these clubs possible. We run 7 lunch clubs a week and without the support of local churches it wouldn’t be possible. 

This term we have had one BOLT club start at Blanchelande primary school led by Tom (Catholic Church) and Janet (Vazon Elim). They have really enjoyed getting to know the students and the children are engaging well with the sessions. 

We just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all our volunteers who have helped this term. We really wouldn’t have been able to do the work without you all. 

Enjoy the half term break and we look forward to all the new and exciting opportunities we have booked in next half term!