PACE Update

We’re very excited to have started two new OT Mini courses at La Mare Primary with Lisa and Bryan Pill making their debut and at Notre Dame with Tom Saddington, Frances Ogier and Sarah. It’s great to be able to start new partnerships within our presenter team and be able to continue with what Phil started. Next week Sarah and Eleanor White will also be starting a course at St Mary and St Michael too.

We are also just starting this half term’s primary school assembly. We have chosen the theme “Heroes” and look at how we can be everyday heroes. We use the story of Gideon and discover how he was a hero, not by his own strength but by God’s. Even though he wasn’t sure, he followed God’s instructions and went on to be a hero! We encourage the children that even though we don’t have the tech of Iron Man or the strength of the Incredible HULK, we can still be a hero everyday:

  • By developing your character so that you’re helpful and respectful in the things you think, do and say.
  • By overcoming challenges and not giving up when things look too difficult or too hard.
  • By being enthusiastic in trying to be the best person you can be.

At the beginning of the week, Lisa was joined by Howard Davenport (Eldad Elim) to lead an assembly to the Year 7s at La Mare High. The assembly is one we’ve done before looking at not letting the past dictate your future. This includes the popular toothpaste challenge where two students have to draw one for our presenters. They are they challenged to put they toothpaste back into the tube – which they can’t do! Who do you think they drew? And whose drawing was better?