PACE Update

Last week we had a great time with Chrissie Salmon from Shiloh Church for our Quiet Morning. We spent time looking at how God is our shelter and we can come to him with all our anxieties and worries in life. We focused on David’s heartfelt, honest Psalm 27 where he finishes with the encouraging thought of “I remain confident in the goodness of God.”

PACE have been asked to decorate a Christmas tree at The Rock Community Church so we have been spending our lunch clubs decorating baubles! We’ve encouraged all of our PACE Club members to decorate one or two and write their school on the back. They have got super creative and they look great!

Over the next few weeks our blogs will have input from Eleanor White, introducing the work of SWYM and how we plan to partner with them in Guernsey.

Hello from SWYM!

Hey there, my name is Eleanor White. I’ve recently started working for an organisation called South West Youth Ministries. SWYM partner with churches and other charities to support them in working with children and young people. About 18 months ago, some churches here in Guernsey invited SWYM to explore what it would look like if they were involved in partnering with local Christians. Having me, working for SWYM, but resident in Guernsey, is the latest step in the ongoing journey.

We’re really excited because in Guernsey, SWYM are going to be working in partnership with PACE. So over the next while I’m going to be sharing some details on the PACE blog about what this is going to look like.

I thought today I’d introduce myself. Some of you may recognise me because I’m already involved with PACE as a volunteer, doing OT Minis and helping out where I can. I love working with children and young people and have spent my adult life doing this in various ways, including being the mum to six fabulous children of my own. I live out West, in St. Peter’s, and go to St. Peter’s Church.  I really love being outside and being active. I’m not very good at sitting still; I enjoy a quick game of Banagrams but Scrabble is way too slow.

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about SWYM.

Love Eleanor