PACE Update!

Over the weekend Sarah went to a children’s and families workers conference called Hand in Hand in Eastbourne. She attended talks about sharing the whole Bible story with children, creating experiences for children to encounter God, mentoring and walking with children in their lives and faith and innovative ways to engage with the Bible. It was a great opportunity to meet with other schools workers, youth and children’s workers and look at new resources. Sarah also got to say hello to Bob Hartman and he very kindly recorded a little video for us which you can find on our Instagram!

This week we were invited to visit Year 1 at Acorn House to chat with them about why church is a special place. We invited Tom Saddington and Jon Honor to join Sarah to answer some questions the children had prepared. It was a very fun lesson and they engaged really well. They loved stained glass windows and learning about what else is done in churches during the week. The children were then designing their own churches which was fun to see! We are hoping that we will be able to develop the input we have with infants in our schools.

In lunch clubs we’ve been having some interesting discussions with students about how the world came to be and delving deeper into some questions they might have – including “Where did God come from?” Not an easy question to answer! But we love grappling these topics with our young people.

Finally this week we had a lovely Quiet Morning with Jacky Cottrell at Forest Methodist Church where we spent time reflecting on who Jesus is to us and looking at putting ourselves into some of the Gospels using the book A Quiet Word by Nick Fawcett. We spent time reflecting and just being still which was great!