Notre Dame Prayer Spaces

We hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend enjoying the celebrations of King Charles and Liberation Day. We may have had a short week but we were busy! We have held a three day Prayer Spaces event at Notre Dame. We transformed their library into a special prayer room and spent time looking at what we can talk to God about, how we can be thankful and think about others.

The stations we had were:
Thankful Ribbons – being thankful for what we have today, particularly thinking about Liberation Day.

Cardboard Home – it’s important we think about others in our prayers. There are many people who are not as fortunate as us and may not have a home, perhaps all they have is a cardboard box to lean on or tent. We encouraged the children to write a prayer or a positive message to these people.

Seeds of Hope – God has great hopes for us! Talking to him about our hopes and dreams is like watering a seed, it helps them to grow. God wants to hear from us. The children planted cress seeds and were encouraged to look after them and watch them grow.

Prayer Wall – The children spent a lot of time carefully writing their prayers for the prayer wall. Some were thank you prayers, some were asking for help. It was lovely to see them really think about what they wanted to talk to God about.

Our final station was a favourite – Fingerprints – Each one of us are special and created by God! There is no one in the whole world just like us. We celebrated this by adding our fingerprint to a poster to show each individual in the school!

We’ve really enjoyed our time this week with the children at Notre Dame. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make this possible!