PACE Update

This week Lisa, Howard and Tom have been back in action delivering lessons to Year 10 students at Blanchelande School. The sessions were on ‘Jesus: was he mad, bad or was he God?’ The team spent the lesson discussing questions like ‘Did Jesus really exist?’ ‘Who did Jesus claim to be?’ ‘What evidence is there for his resurrection?’ and ‘What is salvation?’. What an incredible opportunity to share with students about some of the key beliefs of the Christian faith. The students had a lot of questions and particularly enjoyed investigating the evidence for who Jesus said he was. 

This term we have also said goodbye to some of our long-standing members of PACE club now they have reached Year 11.  In two schools we had one final party and wished them well on their future adventures. We have really enjoyed journeying through school with them and will miss seeing them every week! Please pray for all Year 11’s as they continue to take their exams. 

We are now hiring, looking for someone to join our team in September! If you are passionate about sharing the Bible with young people and working in schools we’d love to have you join us! Please do share this poster with anyone you feel may be suitable for the job. We would also ask that you remember this in your prayers for PACE. Thank you!