Happy New Year!

We have arrived into 2024 with some very exciting news! Jo Le Page has joined the PACE team. Lisa and Sarah are delighted to have Jo join them with lots of experience and an enthusiasm for sharing God with children and young people.

“Hi, I’m Jo.  I joined PACE in 2024.  I was drawn to PACE as I feel it is so important and special to be able to tell children that they are important and to allow them to learn about the Bible in such an imaginative and vivid way.  I am married and have two children.  I have been brought up in the church and committed my life to God at a very young age, but as a teenager I really came to a cross roads where I made my faith my own, and despite being raised in a Christian family I realised that I wanted God in my life because I personally found his existence to be undeniable and I wanted to be a Christian for this reason and not just because that was how I was brought up. This made my faith my own. I attend Fort Christian Fellowship at St Saviours Community Centre.  I have a heart for leading people into worship and have been blessed to be able to do this at Delancey Elim as well as at my home church.  We are a family who love animals, so outside of work when I am not spending time with my family or taking my children to activities or playing with them I am very involved with caring for our four guinea pigs and a dog who was born deaf, I spend a lot of time training my deaf dog sign language and taking him to agility classes and scent training which is very challenging but rewarding.”

At the beginning of term, Sarah also went back to Lee Abbey for her SWYM Conference week. It was a cold but refreshing week! Sarah says, “I really enjoy going to Conference, the lectures take us deeper into our faith and understanding of God as well as training us to be confident leaders in our placements. This time we looked at the topic of Value – what we value and how God values us. We also studied the Character of God, learning about the different names and meanings. Be Transformed is really helping me grow as a person, a Christian and someone working with children and young people.”

We’ve got some exciting things coming up over the next term, please continue to pray for the children and young people in our schools, as well as the staff and PACE as we go into deliver different activities.