PACE Update

The last few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind so we are very much looking forward to half term!

This week we were invited to take part in a Retreat Day at Blanchelande College with their juniors. We set up a Prayer Spaces room in a Year 6 classroom and throughout the day children came and visited us, spending 35 minutes going around prayer stations. One of the popular stations was a new one for us – Pipe Cleaner People. We asked the children to make a cross or a person to remind them to pray for other people. They loved getting creative and made some amazing things! We also had a quiet area with some calming colours and space to lie or sit next to our bubble tube. We encouraged the children to really be quiet and still in this section. The Our Prayers station was also popular with the children being very reflective and writing some lovely prayers for themselves and others all over the world.

We were so pleased to have been a part of this wonderful day and very much enjoyed seeing all the children that visited us.

Last week Sarah travelled over the Jersey to see Life Exhibition which is a multi-media experience designed for primary school children. Set up in Town Church, Sarah got to see first hand and up close what this looked like and how it might work in Guernsey. The children all seemed to love the experience and the feedback from teachers was very positive. They had over 530 children from across Jersey schools visit. The exhibition consists of going through different sections looking at Parables, Prophecy and Miracles before watching a short video on the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We would love to do this in Guernsey. Watch this space!

Update from the Guernsey SWYM Cluster

It has been a busy first half term for our new SWYM trainees. They were away for the first two weeks of September in the UK for SWYM induction and conference, a full-on time of making new friends, worshipping and learning together. Since then they’ve been back on island working in their churches and in local schools. Sophie is based at Shiloh, Natasha at St. Martin’s and Sarah at PACE and Les Camps.

We always get together on Tuesday afternoons to support each other as we reflect on the week, pray and eat biscuits. Yesterday afternoon we helped out together at the Blanchelande Retreat Day with the Prayer Spaces.  After we’d packed down, we had a cup of tea while we reflected on the experience and thought about how we could use the prayer spaces idea in other contexts before praying for each other.

It’s been a good start to the year.  It’s great to grow and learn together, and all sorts of ideas are popping up for ways to work together across churches and schools. After half term, we’ll be back in Devon for another week of SWYM conference and then the few weeks before Christmas are always busy ones. Do keep praying for Sophie, Natasha, Sarah and me – we really appreciate it. 

Love Eleanor      

PACE Update – We’re back!

We are back, after a lovely summer break, we’re back for another fantastic year working in the schools of Guernsey. 

The term started with Sarah going off to the UK to begin her SWYM journey (with a broken ankle…).  She spent the first week at Hill House Christian Centre for Induction Week where she met with the team and her fellow SWYM trainees. There are 23 of them doing the Be Transformed course 2023-2024. Sarah has written up a summary of her time away. 

Induction week was spent getting to know each other and hearing one another’s testimonies and how they got to SWYM. Everyone had an incredible story and it was so clear to see Gods hand in each person’s journey there. Sessions introduced the course to the trainees and included looking at personal and professional boundaries, what makes us who we are and healthy relationships. We also had training in safeguarding, risk assessments, public speaking and planning sessions. The final day was spent writing and filming our testimonies for our first assignment. 

After a weekend break, we had our first Conference, which is four days where the whole of SWYM get together at Lee Abbey in Devon for a time of devotion, fellowship and teaching. This will happen six times over the year. This week we started our lectures, looking into The Gospel, breaking down the beginning of Genesis and learning about our human purpose being image bearers. It was amazing to dive into the Bible more and learn so much in a short time. Other lectures included looking at moments of Encounter with God and showed us creative ways we could run sessions with children and young people. We spent time outside in the beautiful setting of Lee Abbey, just being in God’s presence. 

These first two weeks were an amazing start to the year and makes me very excited to see all that God is going to do. I’m now back starting my placements at both PACE and Les Camps Methodist Church and looking forward to the year ahead. 

Meanwhile in Guernsey, Lisa has been busy making bookings, writing assemblies, preparing lunch clubs, meeting with various people and all the busyness that comes with a new school year!

Finally we would like to remind you of our upcoming OT Live event. We would love to see as many people there as possible! It’s a fantastic day learning the storyline of the Old Testament together in a fun and engaging way. Please book your place by visiting and typing in your postcode! Lunch will be provided. Tom Greene has put together a new video for us too.

Last Day of Term!

Today is the last day of term before the summer holidays. As we have reflected over the last year we are so incredibly grateful for all the work that we have done in the schools of Guernsey. We thank God for all the opportunities we have had with the children and young people across the island. We are also so thankful for your support, financially, prayerfully and through volunteering.

Please find below our Summer Newsletter detailing this term and our exciting upcoming OT Live event in November.

This week we also had a lovely Quiet Morning with Rev’d Claire Claxton at Forest Parish Church. We spent time reflecting on 1 Kings 19:9-13, walking the lanes and resting in the presence of God. These mornings are so valuable for us as a team and we also come away feeling refreshed!

We hope you have a wonderful summer with your friends and family, see you in September!

PACE Update

Last week we held our AGM at Trinity Church. We had a great number of supporters, some new to our work, attend and hear all that we have been doing over the past year. After giving an update on the work, we had some time where those attending could wander around and look at each area of our work. We had set up stations for Prayer Spaces, OT Mini, Primary Assemblies, Secondary Work and Christmas in a Box/Easter in a Box. Our wonderful volunteers led these stations and chatted to supporters explaining what they did, what they enjoyed about the work and allowing people to explore the props and resources we use. It was a great event, a highlight of our year and we thank those that came to support us!

We have also been very busy delivering our 17 Leavers Lessons to all schools across the island. With a fantastic team joining us we have really enjoyed speaking to all the Year 6’s who are getting ready to move to secondary school. We met up as a team to go through the lesson and enjoy some Iced Tea in the sunshine. During these lessons we hand out each child an “It’s Your Move” book created by Scripture Union and donated generously by the local churches of Guernsey. These books are full of advice, puzzles, and stories to encourage the children that it’s an exciting move but also allowing them to explore that it’s ok to feel anxious and worried. Part of our lesson tells the children that PACE will be at their new school and that we are a friendly face they can look out for. We are looking forward to September when we can see them again. Please do pray for all students moving to new schools, new classes and new adventures over the next few months.

PACE Update

This is our final reminder for our AGM coming up this Monday 26th June, 7.30-9pm at Trinity Church. We would love to see you there! Please come and support us and the work we do in local schools.

Last week we held another Prayer Spaces event at La Mare de Carteret Primary School. This has become a yearly event and we love going back! We spent three mornings with the children of Years 2,3 and 4 guiding them through stations and talking with them about prayer and God. It was a lovely few days. We chose these stations:

These children really thought about their questions and it was very interesting and quite emotional to read some of them. These children were about 7-9 years old and already have lots of questions about the world! “Why are people so mean?”, “Why do I have to grow up?”, “Can you help me make more friends?”, “How do you know what everyone is thinking?” What an amazing opportunity it was to hear their thoughts.

Prayer Spaces are always so special and we wish we could do more. We would not have been able to do this one or any of the others we do without our volunteers. If you think you might be interested in volunteering with PACE and helping during these events please do email us at

PACE Update

We hope you had a lovely Easter! We are back and ready for another busy term. We have already started an OT Mini course at Vauvert and some of our secondary lunch clubs have started back.

We also wanted to make you aware of the following message from Mark, our chairman.

On 26th June we will be holding our 2023 AGM at Trinity Church.

In recent years at previous AGM meetings I have presented an open invitation for anyone wanting to offer their management/administration/financial skills to PACE to get in touch with me.  Sadly this has never resulted in any interest.

The implementation last year of a new Charities Ordinance has brought into greater focus our governance and the need to expand our committee.
To that end and to give people time to consider their interest in advance of the AGM, I would like to bring to your attention two specific voluntary roles we would like to fill:

– Deputy chairman

To assist the chairman in the overall supervision and direction of the staff committee, acting in his place when he is absent.

– Finance assistant

To assist the Finance officer in the management of the finances, budgets, cash flows, and making of payments.

For more details please contact Sarah Snell by email at who will forward a detailed job specification.

If you are not wanting or unable to offer yourself in this way, we would greatly appreciate your prayers that we fill these roles.
Further to this, we are also looking to recruit a new Schools Worker to join the PACE team. Please find attached a job description and a poster with more information. If you know of anybody who you feel would be suitable for the position, please share this information with them. 

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!

Spring 2023 Newsletter

We can’t quite believe that it is nearly the Easter holidays! This term has gone very quick! Each term we send out a newsletter detailing what we’ve been up to and informing you of any important events. Our Spring Newsletter is now available to be read! Please take note of the two important dates. Our AGM will be held on Monday 26th June, 7-9pm at Trinity Church – we would love to see you there!

We also have an OT Live event later in the year on Saturday 18th November, 10am-4.30pm at Les Camps Methodist Church. After a popular event last year with NT Live and OT Live in 2019, we wanted to bring this amazing day back and give more people the opportunity to experience interactive and engaging teaching on the Old Testament and also see what we are teaching in the primary schools.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and have a lovely Easter!

PACE Update

Our current Primary assembly introduces a fairly new puppet to the children – Roxy! During the assembly, she learns about why we call Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day. She also learns what Lent is and why some people give up something they really enjoy (not cabbage!) for 40 days to remember all that Jesus gave up. She decides to try and give up peanut butter! The children have loved it! At one school we heard a child call out, “Can you do more?” after we had ended the assembly! At that school they also walked out saying “I’m going to Lent my TV!” or “I’m going to Lent my iPad!” We thought it was a great phrase!!

Lisa and Howard Davenport have also really enjoyed working with a group of Year 9s on a module for their ASDAN qualification. This year the students led an assembly on the story of Jesus and the paralysed man. The students focused on how it is important to help people and be a good friend like the men in the story. The performance went well and the students watching enjoyed taking part in the different elements of the assembly. A big well done to all that were involved.

Easter in a Box is continuing very well, with lots of positive feedback from both the children and teachers. We’re really enjoying delivering these lessons and exploring the Easter story with them.

PACE Update

After a nice half term break we’ve got straight back to business this week. We’ve started 4 OT Mini courses – 3 at Vale led by Tom and Frances and Lisa and Bryan. Nigel and Sarah are at Forest. 

Our Easter in a box lessons started on Tuesday and so far we’ve been to La Mare, La Houguette and St Martins delivering this fun, engaging lesson to Year 4.

It’s been great fun and we’ve had some lovely feedback from teachers. They love the engaging format, the interaction and thoughtful activities. Below are some photos of the children busy during the activities.

Over the rest of this term we’ll be delivering these sessions with our wonderful volunteers to around 300 children! It’s an amazing opportunity to share the Easter story with children and explore it with them. 

We also just wanted to let you know that due to various reasons Alex has decided that she would like to continue with PACE in a voluntary role rather than a paid position. We’re really happy that we will get to continue to work with her in this way. Please do keep Lisa and Sarah in your prayers. 

Hello 2023!

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are in 2023?! Although the weather may be a bit miserable, we’re very happy because we have a wonderful new team member! Alex Contreras joins us with a background in teaching and youth work. She is very involved in the Catholic churches and has three children. We’re so pleased Alex has joined our team and she’s already getting stuck in with our lunch clubs and assembly planning! Thank you for all your support and prayers in our search, we knew God had it all in hand!

Our wonderful volunteers are also getting stuck in this term with six OT Mini courses being taught a week in four schools! Sarah-Jane and Eleanor are leading La Houguette, Frances and Sarah-Jane are at Melrose, Nigel, Bryan and Frances are at Beechwood and Lisa and Sarah are about to start at Castel. We’re so pleased to be able to cover so many schools – we couldn’t do it without them!

We’ll hand you over to Eleanor now for a message about SWYM.

Last time on the blog, I shared that SWYM’s vision and passion is that every child and young person in the South West (and now, in Guernsey!) would encounter Jesus, know him and make a choice to live for more. What is this going to look like in practice in Guernsey?

SWYM’s main strategy is to place trainee children and youth workers with churches, local ministries and schools work projects. We hope to have a cluster of SWYM trainees in Guernsey from September 2023. They would be placed in a local church and hopefully also work closely with PACE so they can get experience in schools.

Trainees will have a great support network on island, including their line manager, mentor, and support from their peers and the area co-ordinator at a weekly cluster meeting. They will also go to SWYM conference in north Devon six times a year to meet with all the other trainees and have training together.

I’d love a bit of help from you all, as PACE supporters based in churches across the island. We are looking for people who would like to train with SWYM.

Do you know anyone with a heart for children and young people who would love to train as a youth and children’s worker? The initial commitment is for a year on the ‘Be Transformed’ year but there are then opportunities to progress, including to degree level. Many trainees, but definitely not all are in the 18-25 age bracket. A potential trainee could be also someone who would like to retrain, or someone who has recently retired and is ready for a different challenge.

Please, have a think and pray and if anyone comes to mind, have a chat with them and suggest they get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from them.