PACE Update

Christmas is fast approaching which means Christmas in a Box lesson preparation is in full swing! We’re starting our first lessons next week and we can’t wait!

Our volunteers are and will be folding, counting, cutting and sorting all the resources so we are ready to go!

On Saturday 18th November, we had our Walk Through The Bible OT Live day with visiting speaker Tom Greene. We had a great day! Nearly 40 people joined with us to learn the Old Testament story line and dive into Bible stories. We’ve had some really positive feedback and people keen for a New Testament day too! Watch this space! Here are some pictures from the day.

Following on from that, Tom stayed on island to train up 3 new OT Mini presenters; our very own Mark Le Tissier, Rev Jacky Cotterell and Natasha Luggar. They will be joining our current wonderful team of OT Mini presenters and be supported as they begin the journey of teaching in schools.

This week has also seen a Prayer Spaces event at Blanchelande, this time for their senior students. Tom Saddington was invited to host an event and asked PACE to assist and together we ran a two day event for those in Year 7 -11. We looked at self worth, conflict in the world, worries and being thankful for those who lift us up when we are down or need protecting. There were some really deep responses to the activities and all students were amazing! We pray that it was a helpful time for the school and students.

PACE Update

In September we get stuck in with our Creation Lessons with Year 1 and Year 2. These lessons are spent discovering what Christians believe about how the world began. We explore the Creation story using Godly Play and going through the 7 days of creation. We then have a discussion with the children about which day they think is their favourite and is there a day that could be left out? This helps us realise that each day is very special and we couldn’t do without them – even the rest day! When they realise if we didn’t have that we wouldn’t have weekends and holidays they soon see the importance of it!

The children also get to create something themselves with PlayDoh and talk about how they might think God feels about his Creation. The big question we look at throughout the lesson is, “Should Christians look after the world?” To end the lesson we use a treasure box with a mirror inside to reveal that God’s most special, precious creation is each one of them, that God created them and loves them!

We’ve also started our Harvest assemblies, with Lisa delivering them alongside Tom Saddington and Howard Davenport. This time we look at the story in Exodus where the Israelites are travelling in the desert and they start grumbling about the lack of food. But God provides them with Manna and Quail. During the assembly, one presenter acts a bit silly and distracts the other by cutting and folding paper to make a quail and a basket for the story – a bit of added fun! We then end with encouraging the children to remember to be grateful for all that we do have and all that we can share with others.  

Bible Stories - Manna and Quail - Yr B P11 — Corissa Nelson

Finally today is National Day of Prayer for Schools. On their Facebook page, Prayer Spaces in Schools have been posting prayer prompts throughout the day. They started the day posting this prayer:

Loving Father, we pray today for our schools and colleges, for all who work and learn in them.

We pray that they will be places of learning inspired by creativity, knowledge and wisdom.

We pray for our children and young people, that they will flourish in body, mind and spirit.

We pray for all who work in schools, the teachers, support staff and site team, that they will be resourced well, be able to give of their best and know that they are appreciated.

We pray for all who serve and support schools, especially those from local churches, that they will contribute with grace and so reveal Jesus through their deeds and words.

We pray, your kingdom come, in our schools, as in heaven.


Please join us and thousands of others praying for all those involved in schools and schoolswork!

Last Day of Term!

Today is the last day of term before the summer holidays. As we have reflected over the last year we are so incredibly grateful for all the work that we have done in the schools of Guernsey. We thank God for all the opportunities we have had with the children and young people across the island. We are also so thankful for your support, financially, prayerfully and through volunteering.

Please find below our Summer Newsletter detailing this term and our exciting upcoming OT Live event in November.

This week we also had a lovely Quiet Morning with Rev’d Claire Claxton at Forest Parish Church. We spent time reflecting on 1 Kings 19:9-13, walking the lanes and resting in the presence of God. These mornings are so valuable for us as a team and we also come away feeling refreshed!

We hope you have a wonderful summer with your friends and family, see you in September!

PACE Update

Last week we held our AGM at Trinity Church. We had a great number of supporters, some new to our work, attend and hear all that we have been doing over the past year. After giving an update on the work, we had some time where those attending could wander around and look at each area of our work. We had set up stations for Prayer Spaces, OT Mini, Primary Assemblies, Secondary Work and Christmas in a Box/Easter in a Box. Our wonderful volunteers led these stations and chatted to supporters explaining what they did, what they enjoyed about the work and allowing people to explore the props and resources we use. It was a great event, a highlight of our year and we thank those that came to support us!

We have also been very busy delivering our 17 Leavers Lessons to all schools across the island. With a fantastic team joining us we have really enjoyed speaking to all the Year 6’s who are getting ready to move to secondary school. We met up as a team to go through the lesson and enjoy some Iced Tea in the sunshine. During these lessons we hand out each child an “It’s Your Move” book created by Scripture Union and donated generously by the local churches of Guernsey. These books are full of advice, puzzles, and stories to encourage the children that it’s an exciting move but also allowing them to explore that it’s ok to feel anxious and worried. Part of our lesson tells the children that PACE will be at their new school and that we are a friendly face they can look out for. We are looking forward to September when we can see them again. Please do pray for all students moving to new schools, new classes and new adventures over the next few months.

PACE Update

Last week Lisa, Tom Saddington (Catholic Youth Leader) and Howard Davenport (Eldad Elim Minister) were very busy delivering a variety of lessons in schools. They delivered 3 lessons to Year 9 students at Blanchelande on ‘Christian Views on Creation’ where they discussed at length whether you can believe in God and in The Big Bang Theory. The students engaged well in all aspects of the lesson, particularly enjoying the game involving Play-doh! 

They also delivered 3 lessons to Year 8 students at La Mare High School on ‘The Problem of Evil and Suffering’. The students had so many questions about Adam and Eve, Who Jesus was, the afterlife and much more that the sessions weren’t long enough to get to the bottom of all their questions! It was an incredible opportunity to share on a really difficult topic and to see the students grapple with some big questions. They particularly enjoyed the ‘playing God’ activity where they got to pretend to be God in different situations to see what they would do. For example, ‘a car is speeding down the road’ – what do you do as God? The answers ranged from ‘stop the car’ to ‘bring in the superheroes’ to ‘create a hole for the car to fall into’!! They let their imaginations flow! 

It is a real privilege to go in and represent the Church in Schools and these sessions remind us of what a great opportunity we have to communicate Christian beliefs with students in schools. 

We have two events coming up that we would love to see you attend if you are able to! The first is our AGM on Monday 26th June, 7.30-9pm at Trinity Church. Here we’ll be presenting what we’ve achieved over the last year and updating you about our partnership with SWYM. Plus there will be cake! This is a fun, informative evening, a must for any PACE supporter!

We also have OT Live coming up in November. It may seem a while away but book now to avoid missing out! This course will guide you through learning the whole storyline of the Old Testament, so you’ll be able to confidently retell it. It’s a very enjoyable day! If you would like to expand your Bible knowledge this is perfect for you! Book online here

Spring 2023 Newsletter

We can’t quite believe that it is nearly the Easter holidays! This term has gone very quick! Each term we send out a newsletter detailing what we’ve been up to and informing you of any important events. Our Spring Newsletter is now available to be read! Please take note of the two important dates. Our AGM will be held on Monday 26th June, 7-9pm at Trinity Church – we would love to see you there!

We also have an OT Live event later in the year on Saturday 18th November, 10am-4.30pm at Les Camps Methodist Church. After a popular event last year with NT Live and OT Live in 2019, we wanted to bring this amazing day back and give more people the opportunity to experience interactive and engaging teaching on the Old Testament and also see what we are teaching in the primary schools.

We hope you enjoy reading our newsletter and have a lovely Easter!

PACE Update!

Over the weekend Sarah went to a children’s and families workers conference called Hand in Hand in Eastbourne. She attended talks about sharing the whole Bible story with children, creating experiences for children to encounter God, mentoring and walking with children in their lives and faith and innovative ways to engage with the Bible. It was a great opportunity to meet with other schools workers, youth and children’s workers and look at new resources. Sarah also got to say hello to Bob Hartman and he very kindly recorded a little video for us which you can find on our Instagram!

This week we were invited to visit Year 1 at Acorn House to chat with them about why church is a special place. We invited Tom Saddington and Jon Honor to join Sarah to answer some questions the children had prepared. It was a very fun lesson and they engaged really well. They loved stained glass windows and learning about what else is done in churches during the week. The children were then designing their own churches which was fun to see! We are hoping that we will be able to develop the input we have with infants in our schools.

In lunch clubs we’ve been having some interesting discussions with students about how the world came to be and delving deeper into some questions they might have – including “Where did God come from?” Not an easy question to answer! But we love grappling these topics with our young people.

Finally this week we had a lovely Quiet Morning with Jacky Cottrell at Forest Methodist Church where we spent time reflecting on who Jesus is to us and looking at putting ourselves into some of the Gospels using the book A Quiet Word by Nick Fawcett. We spent time reflecting and just being still which was great!

Hello 2023!

Happy New Year! Can you believe we are in 2023?! Although the weather may be a bit miserable, we’re very happy because we have a wonderful new team member! Alex Contreras joins us with a background in teaching and youth work. She is very involved in the Catholic churches and has three children. We’re so pleased Alex has joined our team and she’s already getting stuck in with our lunch clubs and assembly planning! Thank you for all your support and prayers in our search, we knew God had it all in hand!

Our wonderful volunteers are also getting stuck in this term with six OT Mini courses being taught a week in four schools! Sarah-Jane and Eleanor are leading La Houguette, Frances and Sarah-Jane are at Melrose, Nigel, Bryan and Frances are at Beechwood and Lisa and Sarah are about to start at Castel. We’re so pleased to be able to cover so many schools – we couldn’t do it without them!

We’ll hand you over to Eleanor now for a message about SWYM.

Last time on the blog, I shared that SWYM’s vision and passion is that every child and young person in the South West (and now, in Guernsey!) would encounter Jesus, know him and make a choice to live for more. What is this going to look like in practice in Guernsey?

SWYM’s main strategy is to place trainee children and youth workers with churches, local ministries and schools work projects. We hope to have a cluster of SWYM trainees in Guernsey from September 2023. They would be placed in a local church and hopefully also work closely with PACE so they can get experience in schools.

Trainees will have a great support network on island, including their line manager, mentor, and support from their peers and the area co-ordinator at a weekly cluster meeting. They will also go to SWYM conference in north Devon six times a year to meet with all the other trainees and have training together.

I’d love a bit of help from you all, as PACE supporters based in churches across the island. We are looking for people who would like to train with SWYM.

Do you know anyone with a heart for children and young people who would love to train as a youth and children’s worker? The initial commitment is for a year on the ‘Be Transformed’ year but there are then opportunities to progress, including to degree level. Many trainees, but definitely not all are in the 18-25 age bracket. A potential trainee could be also someone who would like to retrain, or someone who has recently retired and is ready for a different challenge.

Please, have a think and pray and if anyone comes to mind, have a chat with them and suggest they get in touch with me. I’d love to hear from them.


We’re now into December and that means Christmas Lessons!! We have started this years run of Christmas in a Box lessons this week! So far we have been into Hautes Capelles and La Mare. Over the next few weeks we will be delivering this lesson to about 265 Year 3 children across Guernsey!

We have also been busy delivering lessons in secondary schools! Lisa and Howard Davenport (Eldad Elim) have been teaching sessions on ‘A Christian World View’ looking at the fundamentals of what makes someone a Christian at La Mare with Year 7. The students have been asking some great questions like ‘How do we know God exists?’ and ‘What happens when we die?’. We have enjoyed teaching these sessions and are looking forward to our last one next week!  At Blanchelande Lisa and Tom Saddington (Catholic Church) have been leading lessons on the ‘Christian views on Creation’ focusing on the question ‘Are Science and the Bible compatible?’. Again these sessions lead to some very interesting discussions.

Finally we have our next message from Eleanor about SWYM!

In the last blog, I mentioned that we are very excited about a new partnership between PACE and SWYM (South West Youth Ministries).

SWYM’s vision and passion is that every child and young person in the South West (and now obviously, in Guernsey!) would encounter Jesus, know him and make a choice to live for more.

That means reaching out to children and young people in all their diversity, whatever that looks like; for example, ethnic diversity, different socio-economic backgrounds, children and young people who have additional needs. My family has moved around quite a bit and so I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in a variety of churches in the UK, NZ and now in Guernsey. I’ve observed that welcoming ALL children and young people can throw up challenges for churches and there have often been times when I would have loved more help and support in this area.  

It’s fantastic that SWYM have the opportunity to partner with PACE in Guernsey because what PACE is already doing is completely aligned with SWYM’s vision. For over 30 years PACE has worked in Guernsey schools. Lisa and Sarah and the volunteer team do such an amazing job and they aim to reach every child in every school, every year.

Back soon to tell you more about what the partnership will look like in practice.

Love Eleanor  

PACE Update

We’re very excited to have started two new OT Mini courses at La Mare Primary with Lisa and Bryan Pill making their debut and at Notre Dame with Tom Saddington, Frances Ogier and Sarah. It’s great to be able to start new partnerships within our presenter team and be able to continue with what Phil started. Next week Sarah and Eleanor White will also be starting a course at St Mary and St Michael too.

We are also just starting this half term’s primary school assembly. We have chosen the theme “Heroes” and look at how we can be everyday heroes. We use the story of Gideon and discover how he was a hero, not by his own strength but by God’s. Even though he wasn’t sure, he followed God’s instructions and went on to be a hero! We encourage the children that even though we don’t have the tech of Iron Man or the strength of the Incredible HULK, we can still be a hero everyday:

  • By developing your character so that you’re helpful and respectful in the things you think, do and say.
  • By overcoming challenges and not giving up when things look too difficult or too hard.
  • By being enthusiastic in trying to be the best person you can be.

At the beginning of the week, Lisa was joined by Howard Davenport (Eldad Elim) to lead an assembly to the Year 7s at La Mare High. The assembly is one we’ve done before looking at not letting the past dictate your future. This includes the popular toothpaste challenge where two students have to draw one for our presenters. They are they challenged to put they toothpaste back into the tube – which they can’t do! Who do you think they drew? And whose drawing was better?